About lachapelle atelier 

lachapelle atelier is an inclusive brand that offers timeless, adjustable, durable pieces that are entirely made in Montreal. Our pieces are suitable for all women. Our creations are minimalist and follow us from work, to home and until 5 to 7.

A wind of urbanity is also blowing over our brand. Our merch, a promotional collection for her and him is an integral part of our proposal.


The idea with the merch is to allow all the members of a family to be able to carry a little of the values ​​that we advocate: to love each other freely regardless of our bodies.

what we do

Beyond our products, lachapelle atelier is a community, a place where everyone is welcome, a web platform where something other than clothes gathers.


You can read the different posts on the diary page where you will find texts written by wonderful people, inside and out. Also, you can consult our different guides (size guide and textile guide) to make sure you keep your different lachapelle pieces in good condition.


Come and listen to the different playlists that we made for you every month to instantly put you in a good mood.



behind lachapelle

Viviane, founder of lachapelle atelier, has always had grandiose ideas. This greatness is reflected not only in its long-term vision, but also in its unique and innovative take on sizes, bodies and clothing.

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs and artists, the lachapelle atelier project takes on its full meaning. Passionate Viviane, has worked in styling, fashion and sales, but with an unquenched thirst. It is therefore with lachapelle atelier that she presents the fruit of her work, her influences and her experiences.


The idea of ​​lachapelle atelier was born from her reality as a round woman who grew up in a society where she was marginalized, then from a desire to influence the fashion world in her own way. Lachapelle atelier rethinks and reinvents, offers us a new product, local, ethical, stylish, but above all a warm place without judgment.


Her company first and foremost creates a product specifically designed to embrace and enhance curves, but also a movement that allows us to love ourselves more freely.


Viviane has always made people around her love each other and feel beautiful in her presence: this company is all in her image. A great place where everyone learns to love each other and where life is always sweeter.